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Fluent in Gobbledegoop

I'm a Smally, a Shorty, or more commonly refered to as a Lowey! I'm a bit of a ginge, and by a bit I mean I'm a full blown, wear your shades even if they're not in season kinda ginge. I'm an utter div. 'nough said. I'm a t-shirt kinda gal. I have better t-shirts than you. I know it, you know it, heck, even your parents know it. I am better than you. I have one heck of a terrible memory! But on the bright side, that just means I'm really good at forgetting things. & apparently I'M the one with the problem?

What on God's green earth is this then? Why it's my own personal journal of course. Now we've finished interviewing Cpt. Obvious let's get down to business. I do post icons and banner/headers but I mainly like to talk about myself :D I've just started so bare with me!

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